Dubai hair colour trends, get inspired for the summer!

A great way to impress and look absolutely fabulous for your summer holiday is to get expert hair colour treatment in Dubai before jetting off.

Hair trends come and go but changing or touching up your hair colour will always be in style in any season (especially during the summer months when we jet off on holiday to see friends and family).

But how do you know if you should go bold or choose a more conservative hue? Well, aside from your tastes and personality, you should also consider the technical aspects of your hair.

Do you have fine, medium or coarse hair? Curly, wavy, or straight? Hair porosity and scalp moisture? Are you prone to oily hair or flaking scalp? Do you know the proper hair care techniques for dyed hair?

Make sure you understand your hair type before putting on any kind of product to ensure that you’re not going to damage it.

In fact, just as a general rule, all your hair treatments should add moisture and strengthen it against the summer heat and the indoor air-conditioning systems (especially here in the UAE, whew!)

So how do you make sure that you get the best hair treatment? Well, one way to make sure is to speak with your hair stylist and get their expert opinion!

Take for example the following men and women who came to our salon and left extremely chuffed and confident with their new hair style and colour.


Fantastic Greenfantastic green hair color - y12 salon

Ginger Pumpkin Spiceginger pumpkin spice hair color - y12 salon

Korean cut with highlightskorean cut with highlights hair color - y12 salon

Low maintenance blondelow maintenance blonde hair color - y12 salon

Rose pinkrose pink hair color - y12 salon


So before anything else, grab a complimentary online consultation with one of our Dubai hair experts. We’re open seven days a week at our luxury location at DIFC.