Dubai Hair Care: Is your hair type suited for the desert heat?

Our Dubai hair experts pooled together to answer this most important question, “How do I care for my specific hair type?”

In general, hair can be classified under a few specific types. And depending on which type, you may have to treat yours differently to ensure the strength and moisture of your hair.

Knowing your hair type can also help you understand how treatments like perm or colour can affect your hair.

To keep things simple, we’ll define hair types into 4 major categories. Straight, Wavy, Curly and Coily.

The four hair types


To find out which category you fall into, perform this simple test; the next time you shower, leave your hair to dry naturally and observe. Keep reading below to discover our recommendations.



HAIR TYPE Straight

Dubai straight hair care tips

Description: If after a shower your hair dries straight, or with a slight “s” shape

Naturally straight hair is able to retain moisture well, which is especially important against the desert heat.

Still, straight hair will get damaged with constant sun exposure and repeated colour treatments so adding a volumising product to your daily routine will help leave hair silky, voluminous and shiny without weighing it down.

Dubai Hair Care Tips:

  • Use mild shampoos that maintains the straightness and locks in moisture, look for products that are sulfate free and contain natural ingredients.
  • Over-conditioning is real! It will cause your hair to look limp and lifeless. So, if your hair and scalp is naturally oily, stick with the regular conditioners and avoid the moisturising kind.
  • Don’t brush your hair when wet. Brushing may cause hair to stretch and break, so use your fingers instead to untangle problem areas. Or use leave-in untangling conditioners.
  • Avoid the blowdryer when you can! We live in a place that is naturally dry and hot, so don’t overdo the heat application to your locks.
  • Go for regular hair trims every 4-6 weeks to remove split ends. Split ends can be a sign of lack of moisture and can lead into further dryness. Having regular trims can help prevent this issue from getting worse.



Dubai wavy hair care tips

Description: If your hair dries into a slight “S” pattern

Wavy hair is similar to Straight hair in terms of retaining moisture but can often be damaged due to our daily habits and the environment. It also tangles much more often so it’s important to use products like leave-in conditioners to avoid breakage and frizz.

Dubai Hair Care Tips:

  • Much like straight hair, mild shampoos are recommended to maintain the moisture lock.
  • If your hair has significant damage and breakages, use conditioners with protein base to repair the hair and add extra moisture. To weigh down a lot of those flyaways add a light type of serum to finish.
  • When drying, flip your hair upside down and brush your hair with a wide-tooth brush to get rid of tangles and frizziness. This is also the best time to apply leave-on conditioners or products that can define your natural wave.
  • Use a blowdryer in the lowest heat setting and diffuser attachment instead of a using straight or curly iron daily. Direct heat application is one of the biggest culprits to hair damage.



Dubai curly hair care tips

Description: If after a shower your hair dries into a defined loop or curled pattern

Curly hair is naturally dry and brittle. It’s easily damaged by excess heat and the environment you are in. It’s prone to breakages and looking dull and frizzy. It’s important to use high-quality deep moisturising shampoo and conditioners to keep hair properly nourished and healthy against the desert heat.

Dubai Hair Care Tips:

  • Use an oil-based hair mask at least once a week to tame frizzy and unruly hair.
  • Always use a leave-on product to shield the hair against the environment damage and define the curls.
  • Use deep moisturising shampoos and conditioners that are sulfate and silicon free.
  • Apply natural oils that penetrate into the hair shaft on a daily basis to lock in moisture.
  • If you don’t like the feeling of oil on your hair, then use a leave-on conditioner overnight instead (wear a shower cap to protect your sheets).
  • Products with borage glyceride content pulls moisture into the hair and then seals it, allowing the hair to remain naturally fresh and moist.
  • Hair treatments (like straightening or colour) can also make your hair dryer so don’t over do it ????.



Dubai coily hair care tips

Description: Coily hair has dries into zigzag patterns or dense spirals. The coils also shrink and tighten when the hair goes from wet to dry

This hair type is as fragile as curly hair and may even be more prone to breakage. So it may require an even more specalised approach to hair care.

Dubai Hair Care Tips:

In addition to the tips for caring for curly hair, it’s also important to protect your hair from harsh conditions.

  • Wear hair coverings during daytime especially under the heat of the sun. Coily hair tends to dry quicker so frizz and breakages are quite common.
  • Never comb the hair when its’s dry. Do it when the hair is wet or damp laded with leave-in conditioners.
  • Avoid products with silicon from your hair care routine.
  • Consider using a silk pillowcase to wrap around your hair at night before you sleep. This will keep it from tangling too much and protect your hair from extra fizziness.
  • Add a deep hydration product like leave-ins or hair masks to your hair care routine.

These are just some tips to care for your hair under the intense desert heat. But of course, these are just broad categorisations so it may be better to check in with your hair salon to get proper care advice.

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