Anti hairloss shampoo, Rejuvenating by PH: a product review

A hair and scalp focused energising treatment with anti hairloss properties.

As we age, our hair begins to require the supplementary care and nutrients necessary to maintain its health and richness. That’s why it always recommended to prevent excessive damage and loss than to treat it.

There are treatments in the market that can help though; and that’s why we proudly recommend this anti hairloss shampoo.  We found Rejuvenating Shampoo by PH Laboratories to be highly effective and we’re confident that you will too.

Rejuvenating Shampoo 1000 MlRejuvenating, by Italy-based PH Laboratories, is an energising and anti hairloss shampoo formulated to benefit most especially the scalp. But why the scalp?

How is the city able to grow blooms along the roads in spite of the constant heat and smog? It’s the constant hydration and mineral treatment of the soil that enables all that to flourish. The exact same thing that Rejuvenate anti hairloss shampoo does.

rejuvenate hair loss

Rejuvenating normalises the scalp to strengthen brittle hair using natural and organic ingredients.

It is enriched with Liquorice (a drought-tolerant, herbaceous plant) which contains flavonoids that free radicals with a toning and anti-ageing function, and glycyrrhizin which normalises dry and toneless scalp —limiting seasonal hair fall.

liquorice for healthy hair

Orange blossom extracts are  added to revitalise and act as a soothing agent for dry skin. It reacts with the scalp epidermis to counter the dryness which provides the hair an ideal environment to grow thicker, shinier, and healthier.

So are you experiencing dry and itchy scalp or more than usual hairloss? We recommend Rejuvenating Anti Hairloss Shampoo for it’s anti hairloss properties and scalp normalising functions.

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