Argan and Keratin Dubai Beauty Secrets For Your Hair

These natural conditioners could be the best ingredients for incredible hair growth.

If you’ve never heard of Argan Oil and Keratin treatments, then here is the short of it. Argan and Keratin treatments carry moisture to the cortex, or the outer layer of the hair. This action prevents dryness and hair damage because it smoothes the hair’s outermost surface and the cuticle.

It’s a great source of vitamin E and is perfect as a leave-in conditioner for less tangles.

Now here are the secrets:

Style protection

A lot of salons will apply Argan and Keratin treatments to their client’s hair to protect against heat and styling applications. This treatment can be done before, after, or before and after.

Hair Management

Argan and Keratin contains a lot of fatty acid which is especially brilliant for keeping your hair untangled. It works on coarse, thick hair, as well as on curly or straight hair.

Frizzy Hair

Say goodbye to frizzy hair as Argan and Keratin treatments infuse great amounts of moisture into your hair strands and locks it in by reinforcing the cuticle. The best way to use it to apply on almost-dry or fully dry hair before styling.

Moisturise the scalp

As mentioned previously, Argan and Keratin treatments will lock moisture in. But it also nourishes the scalp through the presence of another fatty acid called linoleic acid. Healthy scalp produces healthy hair follicles which not only influences hair growth, but also strength and shine.

Now that you know some of the secrets, you might be wondering what are the products suitable for me and how do I apply on my hair? Well it really depends on your hair care routine. Argan & Keratin Dubai Treatments are available as shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, or as deep masks.

Argan & Keratin Mask 250 Ml

What’s important to remember is to use in moderation otherwise your hair may look limp and lifeless.

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