The Top Hairstyle for Men in the UAE (2022)

Looking for a new haircut to try on your next visit? Here are a few classic and trending men’s hairstyles for 2022.

Social media has made it easier to find trending hair cuts for males of any age. Hair styles like the Fade, Taper, or Undercut are quite common among the younger and older generation of men.

But how do you distinguish the top hair style for men and which one would fit you? There’s also a question of how easy or hard is it to maintain these trending hairstyles?

Our goal in this post is to help you figure out the answers to those questions, and show you examples of the trending hair style for men.


The Side Part

The Undercut

The Crop

The Full-bodied Taper

The Medium-length Waves

The Natural Long Hair


The Side Part

The Side Part is a classic men’s hair style that’s been updated over the years. It’s simple and low-maintenance, while versatile enough for a full day in the office or night out in the town.

The current trend is men’s haircut with medium-length hair with longer sides that can be faded or tapered.

Men's Hairstyle 2022 - Side Part

Note: The difference between a fade (or skin fade) and taper is that a fade haircut blends down to the skin while the taper doesn’t end as short — as illustrated with the example.


The Undercut

The men’s Undercut hairstyle has enjoyed renewed interest because of the character Tommy Shelby from the hit show ‘Peaky Blinders’. But in general, this particular haircut has never gone out of style.

Men's Hairstyle 2022 - Undercut

The standard variation of this haircut is faded sides with longer hair on top. The top section can be styled into a quiff, swept back at an angle, or worn down. However a growing trend is undercut with grown-out sides as if it were tapered instead. This version creates a fuller head of hair which may be more appropriate for office goers.

To get that quiff look, try a little bit of this pomade from our men’s shop.


The Crop

The Crop haircut is much more casual than the Undercut or Side Part but nevertheless is a top hairstyle for men look. Usually the hair is the same length all over the head with a flat fringe in the front.

Men's Hairstyle 2022 - crop

The crop can be short similar to a buzz cut; or mid-length for a messier, looser look. Either way it’s a versatile men’s hairstyle that will suits all sorts of face shapes.


The Full-bodied Taper

This Full-bodied Taper is your definition of clean and contemporary. The emphasis on swept back clean line is achieved with long top and even-length tapered sides. This men’s hairstyle is downright stylish, even without any product, when done right.

Men's Hairstyle 2022 - full bodied taper

There’s no gimmicks or tricks about this hair style, it’s a classic look that your mama can be proud of.


Medium Length Waves

The Medium Length Waves and the proceeding hair style may not be for everybody. Simply because it takes some time for men’s hair to grow long enough to achieve this look.

Men's Hairstyle 2022 - Medium Length

Depending on your characteristics of your hair, it may take up to 6 months to develop longer hair. But the beautiful thing about this style is that most men develop natural waves or curls when growing out. Meaning that if you’re able to grow your hair, it may pay off in the end.

However, longer hair takes a bit more work to maintain. So consider adding moisturising shampoos and conditioners and styling products like pomades, or leave-in lotions.


Natural Long Hair

The Natural Long Hair is coming back in style as a top hairstyle for men especially as people become more accustomed to working from home. Much like the previous hair style, this requires a lot of patience that may not be for everyone.

Top Men's Hairstyle 2022 - long hair

Avoid major haircuts if you want to try this hairstyle but come in to the barber for cleanups every 2-6 weeks. Also, consider adding argan or keratin enriched shampoo products to help hair growth.


Interested in learning more? Book a free consultation to get some expert advise on which top hairstyle for men would suit you.