Y12 Salon’s Creative Director Wins 2022 National Gold Winner, Creative Colorist of the Year

Giampiero Renzetti has been named the 2022 National Gold Winner for Creative Colorist of the Year by the Global Creative Awards.

The Global Creative Awards is an awards-giving body that emphasizes on an artist’s extraordinarily creative ideas, the ability to bring them to life, and doing it so well that it inspires others to reach for greatness too. The Creative Colorist of the Year award is a technical award given to the most impressive of artists.

The competition describes its mechanics as such:

“Create your vision with a stunning photograph and then recreate it in the international live competition. Open to all stylists with the passion and drive to compete in the world of color.”

The award-winning look by giampiero renzetti of Y12 Salon - Creative Colorist of the YearY12 Creative Director Giampiero Renzetti was named the Creative Colorist of the Year after submitting his work. He was inspired by natural colors and sustainability, much like the ethos of Y12 Salon.

Giampiero, as a hair artist and creative colorist, has had over 20 years of experience in the industry and is no stranger to distinctive awards. He was the “Gold Winner” for the National Trend Vision Award in 2013 and the Creative Category Zolor Zoom Challenge winner in 2019.

To learn more about the awards, you can visit the Global Creative Awards website here.