Beautiful Nail Designs in Dubai with Y12 Salon

Y12 Beauty Salon is home to some of the best European style experts in Dubai, providing the highest-quality beauty salon services for both men and women as well as beautiful nail designs in Dubai.

Y12 Beauty Salon had most recently upgraded and moved to ICD Brooksfield Place in the heart of DIFC, Dubai. In the midst of this expansion, we are now introducing nail care services with beautiful nail designs in Dubai, anything you wish, you name it and we will deliver it!

For beginners who are new to nail care, aside from choosing from the most suitable nail shape for your hands and feet, you can start with the colour and design that you most desire! We can even paint your favourite cartoon character customized to your preference. Check out this interesting Simpson’s Family Nail Art for our happy customer.

If you want something neat and clean, go for the Ombré or Classic French, as the saying goes, “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication”, you will definitely not regret this.


Gelish Ombré



Classic French




Rainbow French



Vibrant Gradient



Orange Mosaic



Tinted Pink



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Not sure which design to pick? Grab a complimentary online consultation with one of our Dubai nail experts. We’re open seven days a week at our luxury location at DIFC.