The Truth about Organic Hair Products

People are becoming more health conscious by taking careful consideration in daily necessities from the food they consume to the products they use. Hence there are increasingly more reported organic products in the market especially in recent years.

Hair products come in all sorts of presentation and formulation. There are plenty of brands that offer fantastic benefits, regardless of how these products might affect your hair. Some brands may promise miraculous effects but at the cost of exposing your hair to harmful chemicals like parabens and silicons. And that’s not ideal for hair as they may cause damage and breakage in the long run.

So one thing is for certain, hair products that contain organic ingredients are seemingly the best way to go.

But what makes organic hair products so great, and what exactly is an organic hair product? Essentially, these are items devoid of all synthetic materials. Organic products are free from sulfate, parabens, and silicons: three of the main culprits to damaged hair and scalp. —It’s important to keep in mind that the scalp plays a big role in keeping your hair healthy as it’s part of your skin.

Organic products can range from shampoos and conditioners, to sprays and other styling products.


Organic Ingredients Y12



What are some of the highly recommended ones we have on our Y12 shop? Most of the ingredients consist of natural origin and from organic farming, check them out below:

Volumising Bodifying Shampoo
Contains a selection of natural ingredients of vegetable origin with invigorating and moisturising action, which confer body and structure to thin hair: tilia extract, coconut extract, oat and millet seed extracts.
S. & F. Styling Creme 200 ML

Contains extract of linseed oil for glossifying, anti-frizz and revitalising action as well as apricot extract.

Extralife Energising Leave-In Lotion

Contains green clay, tree oil, taraxacum, burdock root, milk thistle, artichoke leaf extracts, eruca sativa stem cells, nettle extracts and walnut.

Reconstruct Serum 50 ML

Contains organic white alba truffle – ICEA certified, and ginseng extract


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