Y12 Salon

Beautiful Nail Designs in Dubai with Y12 Salon

Y12 Beauty Salon is home to some of the best European style experts in Dubai, providing the highest-quality beauty salon services for both men and women as well as beautiful nail designs in Dubai. Y12 Beauty Salon had most recently upgraded and moved to ICD Brooksfield Place in the heart of DIFC, Dubai. In the […]

Choose the Right Conditioner for Your Hair Type

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Ever come across an advertisement with models flaunting their silky smooth hair and wondered if it’s possible to achieve frizz and tangle-free hair? Do hair conditioners work for healthy hair with minimal brushing or combing, preventing further hair loss? Do you have the knowledge to choose the right conditioner? When it comes to hair conditioning, […]

Dubai’s best barber according to GQ is Y12 Salon

GQ praised Y12 Salon as one of Dubai’s best barbers based on the service and high-end surroundings. The article, published in August, mentions Y12 salon as one of Dubai’s best barber along with eight other salons. GQ briefly mentioned Y12 salon’s high-end surroundings in ICD Brookfield place in DIFC and the great full service. What’s […]

The Top Hairstyle for Men in the UAE (2022)

Looking for a new haircut to try on your next visit? Here are a few classic and trending men’s hairstyles for 2022. Social media has made it easier to find trending hair cuts for males of any age. Hair styles like the Fade, Taper, or Undercut are quite common among the younger and older generation […]

Argan and Keratin Dubai Beauty Secrets For Your Hair

These natural conditioners could be the best ingredients for incredible hair growth. If you’ve never heard of Argan Oil and Keratin treatments, then here is the short of it. Argan and Keratin treatments carry moisture to the cortex, or the outer layer of the hair. This action prevents dryness and hair damage because it smoothes […]

Anti hairloss shampoo, Rejuvenating by PH: a product review

A hair and scalp focused energising treatment with anti hairloss properties. As we age, our hair begins to require the supplementary care and nutrients necessary to maintain its health and richness. That’s why it always recommended to prevent excessive damage and loss than to treat it. There are treatments in the market that can help […]

Dubai Hair Care: Is your hair type suited for the desert heat?

Our Dubai hair experts pooled together to answer this most important question, “How do I care for my specific hair type?” In general, hair can be classified under a few specific types. And depending on which type, you may have to treat yours differently to ensure the strength and moisture of your hair. Knowing your […]

Dubai hair colour trends, get inspired for the summer!

A great way to impress and look absolutely fabulous for your summer holiday is to get expert hair colour treatment in Dubai before jetting off. Hair trends come and go but changing or touching up your hair colour will always be in style in any season (especially during the summer months when we jet off […]